Valor para su negocio

Advantages of Leasing

Leasing does not tie up capital

By signing the contract, the Bank buys the asset and finances it through Leasing

Leasing optimizes available balance management

As the good is not part of the asset, and by discounting the fee along the contract validity, Income Taxes are deducted in advance

VAT Discrimination

As the Bank is the initial buyer of the good, the Client pays VAT by installments along the contract validity

Leasing is suitable to each client and each operation

In Leasing, the contract Schedule can be suitable to each Client´s needs

Accessible Requirements

As this is a loan with in-rem warranty, it is easier to be processed

Leasing facilitates procedures for imported goods

As the Bank is the buyer, the Client delegates all procedures related to importation of the required good

CMF Leasing Value

  • Client as the center of the business
  • Efficiency
  • Personalized attention
  • Easy Management